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We provide a professional and affordable web design service, specialising in multilingual websites for the hospitality market and all businesses with an international audience looking to develop a strong presence and reach more clients online.


Website & Logo Design


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Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Our expert and friendly team is ready to help you develop and grow your business online. If you are looking for a solution to market your activity, our services will give you the best value money can buy. If you want to be known locally or discovered internationally, Just 1 Site will project the right image and attract the potential clients you are longing for. You will enjoy flexibility, scalability and security. All digital services are constantly evolving, from design to marketing. We will give your business the ability to follow this evolution, working today and always ready for tomorrow.

Serious about your business?


A website is a rocket to planet Profit. It is the ultimate marketing, advertising, selling, information and contact tool that no business should be without. When your activities change your website must do the same. It should be adaptable, versatile and practical so you do not have to pay for a new one when your business moves to adapt. Like our clients, we do give serious consideration to the future. They can rely on us today and tomorrow.

Serious about your image?


A website is the grand entrance to a business. Within seconds visitors will decide to stay and find out more or they will leave. Images, typography, ease of navigation, videos, calls to action, contents and logic fluidity of the structure will give a taste of your business and create the necessary impact which will keep clients on your site and make them want to return to it. We do care about the feeling at first sight and the long lasting impression of our clients business. 

Serious about your clients?


A website is the online relationship between a business and its clients. Care about your site, care about them, Make it easy to find what they want: information, offers, products and prices. Keep in touch through social networks and make lists of contacts to promote events, new products or special offers. We care about our clients, without them you would not read this page, our business would not exist.

Serious about your budget?


The cost of a new website should not be a burden, especially for new businesses. Although we usually get what we pay for, the digital world has become cheaper over the years, and the technology more sophisticated. It is incredible that we can offer such a professional deal for such a sensible budget. Some agencies, maybe living in the past, are still charging three times the price for the same work. We like serious clients who are serious about their budget.

We are so lucky today! We have an incredible choice of everything from tins to boxes, labels to brands, entertainment to websites. Some look good but don’t work and you often don’t get what you pay for.

The digital revolution has accelerated the speed and quality of communications and what works today could be too old tomorrow. Your business has to be online to exist but needs the flexibility to adapt in time without wasting money in the process. We work closely with specialized trades and industries. We bring you the best of today with the potential to adapt tomorrow. The cost for that is only a fraction of what it was just a few years ago. Tell us what you need. See what we can do. Let’s work together.

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